TIP Rebuilding the team

The Innovator's Profile

In order for you to properly ensure that your team returns in good productive form, you first need to ensure that you are in good productive form! 

The Innovators Profile is a tool which we will be using throughout this course, so it is imperative that you complete it for yourself NOW before you move on to the next section, which is reliant on you having an understanding of the structure, methodology, terminology and use of it!

1) Click on this link: https://profile.innovationbeehive.co.uk/

2) Complete the survey. Think of the way you behave in a work context whilst doing so. Not how you think you should behave, but how you actually do. There are no right or wrong answers. 

3) Immediately upon completion, your report will be emailed to the email address you supply at the beginning of the survey. 

4) Download and read the report. It isnt too long. Make sure you understand your own profile and theory before moving on to other videos in this course. 

The Innovators Profile was developed to help people have stronger, more creative ideas with a return on investment, clear plan, and all the right people involved. It centres around differing styles of communicating and interacting with each other.