The Champion In Return

The Champion In Return

Championing The Return To The Next Normal

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About this course

As we ease out of lockdown, some of us have been working throughout, some have not, but we all have been disrupted. Mentally and physically. Moving in to the next normal, we cannot take for granted that we need to realign the team, and as leaders and managers, support our teams in their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Some of the topics covered are: 

SETTING THE SCENEWhat Do We Mean By 'Champion In Return'?

Your Role As Champion

STAYING PHYSICALLY SAFE AT WORKWorking With Existing Policies and Resources: FM, IT, HR

Space Planning, Shift Working, Hygiene, Meetings and High Touch Areas

Engaging and Agreeing The Team in Safety

The Champions Role in Helping The Team Stay Mentally Safe

Creating a Work/Life Balance, Prioritising, Self and Team Awareness, Looking For Warning Signs

Resilience In The Next Normal, Change Curves, Moving From Reaction To Rationalisation, Mindset and Attitude
CONNECTING THE TEAM Working With A Split Team, Stress Management, Kindness, Motivating The Team, Understanding Different Ways Of Working 
Approach this course with an open mind, and challenge yourself to question what you can do to ensure the team is productive because they feel safe and motivated!


Course content

Setting The Scene


What is a Champion of Return?

Staying Safe At Work

Working With Your Existing Resources

Communicating Safety Effectively

Staying Mentally Safe at Work

Understanding Your Role and Others Feelings

Getting The Work/Life Balance Right

Resilience At Work

Championing The Team

Helping Your Team Strengthen Their Approach to Return

Congratulations and Next Steps

Leverage existing resources

Learn about the importance of working closely with your existing Facilities, HR or building teams to communicate the best way to welcome your team back to the office safely.

Encourage wellbeing and resilience in the team

Understand what to look out for, and how to engage your team on staying mentally safe whether working from home or the office, and how to strengthen your team through mutual agreement.

Drive performance

Drive your team’s performance in Return with stronger communication, stress management, agility, motivation and team connection.

Meet the expert

Zac Curtis is Capability Director with The Innovation Beehive, a company which for the last 10 years has been at the forefront of innovation consultancy, to release the creative potential of people at work.

Working with a wide variety of clients from NSG and McDonalds, to Lloyds Bank and Google, he works alongside and inside companies to ensure that their workforce are enabled to deliver effective innovation through a changed mindset. He also works on psychometric projects, leadership, culture, values and other areas to ensure that his clients are reaching their goals creatively and effectively.

With previous experience running his own businesses in the 2000’s, he later became Learning & Development Director with FTSE listed Regus PLC, then HR Director for the same company. Following that, he handled employee performance for the Global media tech company Getty Images. 

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