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The Innovator's Profile - Rebuilding The Team

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Welcome to The Innovator's Profile - Rebuilding Your Team when they return to work from Covid 19. 

This course is designed to maximise the way your team operates as you bring them back to the Next Normal, in order to better achieve your priority goals. 

Your team will have been through alot in the last few months, regardless of whether they have been furloughed, kept the fires burning at work, or are a new hire. We will need them operating at maximum mental capacity. 

To do this, you are the leader and manager will need to leverage your skills in communication and adaptability.We explore the theory, tools and practical actions you can take using The Innovator's Profile to bring your team through the principals of 'Diverge', 'Converge' and 'Align'. 

The course is available 'on-demand' so you can take as long as you like to complete it. It is also possible that you can work your way through it in around 3 hours. However, our recommendation is that you practice and absorb the principals and tools contained within and make them work for you before moving on to the next stage! 

Course content

Setting The Scene


Introduction from MOK O'Keeffe

The Challenge We Face

Behaviours For Success


Introduction to Diverge - The First Principle

The Innovator's Profile

The Innovator's Profile Debrief

FREE 1:1 debrief

What Diverge Means For Your Team

Report Overview

Diverge Tools Reminder


Introduction To Converge - The Second Principle

Recognising Others

Recognising Others: Advanced

Converge: Tools

Align: Communication

Introduction to Align - The Third Principle


Adapt Demo

Profile Walkaround

Align: Team

Introduction to Align: Team

Supporting Others To Adapt

Align: Advanced

Align: Tools

Next Steps



Know Yourself

Know yourself and how you approach challenges

Different Angles

See a challenge from different angles


Understand how to recognisers other's communication and working preferences and learn to adapt your own style to get the best from them as a leader.


Have a powerful aligned team who work cohesively together

Maximise team communication

Minimise conflict and increase harmony within the team, aligning on goals and work tasks

Meet the expert


Zac Curtis is Capability Director with The Innovation Beehive, a company which for the last 10 years has been at the forefront of innovation consultancy, to release the creative potential of people at work.

Working with a wide variety of clients from NSG and McDonalds, to Lloyds Bank and Google, he works alongside and inside companies to ensure that their workforce are enabled to deliver effective innovation through a changed mindset. He also works on psychometric projects, leadership, culture, values and other areas to ensure that his clients are reaching their goals creatively and effectively.

With previous experience running his own businesses in the 2000’s, he later became Learning & Development Director with FTSE listed Regus PLC, then HR Director for the same company. Following that, he handled employee performance for the Global media tech company Getty Images. 



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