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Creative Problem Solving in Disruptive Times

Building Your Problem-Solving Capability when faced with new challenges

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About this course

Thanks for your interest in the Creative Problem Solving on-demand course! 

So many of us are facing challenges we haven't encountered or thought about before in these times of a Global Pandemic. It doesn't matter if these problems are big, or small, whether it's:

  • How can I remain motivated working from home wither other pressures of children and partners?
  • How can I keep furloughed team members engaged?
  • How can I manage my daily routine so that I am productive?
  • What can I do to support my community? And many more

We really want you to be as passionate as us about the behaviours and tools of problem solving so that you can embed it in to your day to day work, and enjoy the benefits of better creativity, and innovation agility to work smarter with a better output. 

This course is not about giving you the answers; it's about equipping you with a process, practical tools, mindset and understanding to face your challenges and solve them in a creative way. 

As you click through this course, you will find some content is downloadable, usually as a PDF. . Some content is embedded, like youtube videos, and training videos and sometimes there will be quizzes and assessments to help you to reinforce your learning. 

 You have access to the tools from the course, some stimulus videos and some recommended further reading. But great news! The schedule is: 

Course Overview


Creative Problem solving overview

Design Thinking 

Discovering insights and define

Training video

Downloadable tools

Tools in action video


Coming up with great ideas

Training video

Downloadable tools

Tools in action video


Prototyping and testing
Training video
Downloadable tools
Tools in action video 
Next steps


Recommended reading

Taking your creativity to new heights
with The Innovators Profile

Idea videos

Enjoy the stimulus, use the tools, practise, drill and rehearse them until they become part of you! 

If you are experiencing any challenges purchasing this program, feel free to email our Capability Director, Zac Curtis directly at 

Course content

Course Overview and Welcome

Video: Navigating Your Creative Problem Solving Course

Creative Problem Solving Overview

Video: An interview with Laura Gelder Robertson

Visual Overview of Design Thinking

Gathering Insights and Defining the Problem

Gathering Insights Module Welcome

Video - What do we mean by Insight Discovery and Define

Tool: Insight Interview Preparation

Tool: Clarify Your Challenge

Tool: Re-forming 'How Might We'

Video: Insight tools in action



Coming Up with Creative Ideas

Coming up with creative ideas welcome

Video: How to come up with creative ideas

Tool: First Burst Ideas

Tool: Parallel Worlds

Tool: Ideas Sorter

Video: Ideation in Practise



Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping and testing welcome

Video: What is Prototyping and Testing

Tool: Concept Builder

Tool: StoryBoard

Tool: Stakeholder Map

Video: The Prototyping In Action



Next Steps

Video: Congratulations and what's next

Further Development: Recommended Reading

Further Development: The Innovators Profile


Idea: Prototyping product delivery

Idea: Pitching your idea

Idea: Great Pitch Decks

Idea: Storytelling

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i skip to any section of the training

For all 'released content', you can click on the three horizontal bars at the top right hand side of the site to bring up all the courses. Click on any one of them to move around your learning site.

Meet the expert

Zac Curtis is Capability Director with The Innovation Beehive, a company which for the last 10 years has been at the forefront of innovation consultancy, to release the creative potential of people at work.

Working with a wide variety of clients from NSG and McDonalds, to Lloyds Bank and Google, he works alongside and inside companies to ensure that their workforce are enabled to deliver effective innovation through a changed mindset. He also works on psychometric projects, leadership, culture, values and other areas to ensure that his clients are reaching their goals creatively and effectively.

With previous experience running his own businesses in the 2000’s, he later became Learning & Development Director with FTSE listed Regus PLC, then HR Director for the same company. Following that, he handled employee performance for the Global media tech company Getty Images. 

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